Liat Fassberg

Liat Fassberg

Dramaturg and Writer



VaterĂ˜Land (w.i.p)

In the Name of (erster Teil) (2020)

Am Styx (2018)

Etwas Kommt Mir Bekannt Vor (2017)

Olive Trees (2016)

Liat Fassberg

Writer and Dramaturg, *1985, holds a BA in Theater Studies and Humanities from the Tel-Aviv University, Israel and an MA in Dramaturgy from the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Participant of the UniT writing scholarship Drama Forum 2018/2020.

Working as an independent Dramaturg and playwright in Israel and Germany. Dramaturg of the Pathos Mathos Company. Previous collaborations include directors Lilach Dekel Avneri and Jason Danino Holt, artists Daliah Ziper and Seung Hee Lee.

Debut play “Etwas Kommt Mir Bekannt Vor” won the Retzhofer Dramapreis 2017 and premiered at the Burg Theater, Vienna, in April 2018, directed by Alia Luque.


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